I know was how to update of WordPress and the Plugins on KUSANAGI!

Hello!.Im @ryoraspp in Japan.

By the way,Recentry,there was Update to 7.8 of KUSANAGI!

Screenshot of kusanagi.tokyo

KUSANAGI バージョンアップ情報 7.8 | KUSANAGI

The update is connected by SSH,

$ sudo su root
In changing to the root user,

# yum update -y kusanagi*

I was able to update to 7.8 with this command!


Shorten page load time by 7.8,

Was that these good,and so HTTPS reduction has become easier to be, it also has to consider.

It now puts I had that was in trouble long.(So now is OK.)

Resolved “memo” of the way.

Sorry, “memo” mean the “write blog” ;-)


How to update of WordPress and the plug-in on KUSANAGI on Microsoft Azure.

Successful way

First of all, I’m not FTP in the wp-config.php, So direct limited deletes it.

Delete “define(‘FS_METOHOD’,’direct’);”

Delete "define('FS_METOHOD','direct');"

Then, when you try to update, since to be heard or to an FTP connection,

Here it is to enter this in.

Here it is important!

  1. Hostname:localhost
  2. FTP Username:kusanagi
  3. FTP Password:Password of kusanagi user

At that moment、When you have forgotten the password of KUSANAGI,

Connect to the KUSANAGI in SSH、

$ sudo su root

#passwad kusanagi

In this command you can re-set the password!

I try to update the WordPress from FTP here of information!






Succeeded! !

Why or it to “localhost”, and say whether it was found that the use of the “kusanagi user”,

It is Japanese, but because this method was written on this site, was successful this time! Thank you! !

Screenshot of keikenchi.com

AWS + KUSANAGIのHTTPS環境にブログを移行した手順 | 経験知


Faild way:from SSH

When I heard the story of Microsoft Azure, because he overheard and FTP does not take,
Because I thought I made When you update from SSH, but I tried to put this plug-in,

Screenshot of ja.wordpress.org

SSH SFTP Updater Support — WordPress Plugins

ss 2016-03-01 at 22.39.48

This will either go well! I tried to do with,

ss 2016-03-01 at 22.40.55

An error was useless out … :-(

Faild way:To edit the wp-config

Screenshot of www.sandalot.com

WordPress更新時にFTP情報入力画面が表示される場合の対処方法3つ | sand a lot Web & Music Create [札幌]

This site in reference to,

The ownership of the WordPress directory Kusanagi

$ sudo su root
# chown -R kusanagi:kusanagi

# ls -l

Confirmed by ls -a

Confirmed by ls -a

Describing to skip FTP to wp-config.php

Add here to wp-config.php


Then, try to update.



Or it was unsuccessful in even here way …



It was useless even doing various,
I was able, thanks to the last of the last to this site!

Really thanks to this site!!!

Screenshot of keikenchi.com

経験知 | 日々学んだことをつらつらと

February 19, 2016 postscript

According to Nakamura Kengyu’s,
It seems also possible with SSH connection or SFTP connection.
Also was used this time, FTP seems so as not to be from the outside.


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