subject (n)
1. テーマ、話題、題材
something that people talk or write about
What was the subject of the conversation?
2. 科目、学科
something that you study at a school
We have exams in three subjects next week – mathematics, English and history.
3. [文法]主語
(grammar) a noun or a phrase that tells who or what performs the action
In the sentence “Cats eat rats”, the subject is “Cats”.
4. (君主国の)国民、臣民
a citizen of a country that has a king or queen
a British subject.

subject (v)
1. ~に服従させる、~を支配下におく
2 force someone to experience something
[subjected, subjecting]
The police subjected him to torture, he claimed.
2. 支配する、征服する
The Nazis subjected most of Europe to their rule.


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