raise (v)

raise (v)
1. 持ち上げる、立てる
move something to a higher place
The picture is too low, let’s raise it a little bit. The pupil raised his hand to answer the question.
2. ~を上げる、上昇させる
make a curtain or a shade go up
Please raise the window shades to let in some sunlight. They’re raising the curtain because the play is about to start.
3. 高める、増大する
make something bigger
[opposite of meanings 1-4 lower]
The manager is going to raise my salary.
4. (価格を)引き上げる、高くなる
increase prices, taxes, etc
They raised the price of gasoline again.
5. (野菜などを)作る、栽培する
grow a crop
They raise a lot of coffee in Brazil.
6. (動物などを)飼育する
keep animals for food, etc
He raises cows and chickens on his farm.
7. 子供を育てる、養う
bring up children
[opposite of meanings 1-4 lower] [raised, raising]
They raised their children to be hard-working.